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Muchas Gracias!

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End the Bashing: It's a FANclub so we're FANS, right?

We are implementing the following rules regarding negative posting about Tokio Hotel. We are doing this in part to align with guidelines the Official German Fanclub has also implemented.

This is first and foremost a FAN board. So we ask all members - not entirely sure if everyone is a fan, but if you are posting here, you are a member - not to post comments where the only intent is to bash members of the band.

Criticism is fine and open discussion is encouraged, but please be constructive and factual and back up your post with a logical argument or supporting points! For example, we don't need to hear repeatedly how stupid you find Tokio Hotel to be or how much you hate Tom's hair or forehead. Nor do we need lots of short, pointless messages which do nothing other than mock the band. These types of posts will only put many other fans into "defensive" mode and then we're quickly down the rathole and off topic.

"Owner not responsible for actions while under the influence of The Eyebrow"
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Bill ist mein Lieblingsaroma.

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Bumping this
Tokio Hotel America - Du bist wie ein Stück von meinem Puzzle, ohne dich bin ich nicht vollkommen ♥
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So Nyuh Shi Dae

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this is something we all need to remember right about now, huh?
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bumping this. As a reminder why we are all here. Just in case some forget.

"Die Welt hält für dich an, Hier in meinem Arm, Für einen Tag,
Für eine Nacht, Für einen Moment, In dem du lachst, Wir durchbrechen
die Zeit, Gegen jedes Gesetz, Für immer du und ich, Für immer jetzt "
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"An Harm ye none,Do as ye will."- The Wiccan Rede.
"Those who are the most broken are actually the most friendliest of people you'll ever meet."
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